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The Edit – What Next?

I was inspired by OCA Textiles Tutor Faye Hall’s recent post Reflection and the Edit. Editing our work seems an obvious thing to do – after all we edit our photos, our fridges, our wardrobes, our desks. But it took this article for me to realise this.  Coming to the end of Drawing 1 seems the perfect place to edit in preparation for the next step. I’ve summarised,  reviewed and evaluated, but I haven’t yet edited. Doing so I am sure will help me see clearly (and calmly!) ahead. That, along with the last piece of advice from my tutor “Don’t over-think it!”


The Edit

My edit covers not just some of the ideas that I want to take forward but also specific advice from my tutor, artists I want to research deeper, and of course a reminder to let the drawing lead the way.  Editing is something to be doing continually, not just once a year, so here’s hoping I can make this a new habit.


Hall, F. (2017). Reflection and the edit: Part 1 – WeAreOCA. [online] WeAreOCA. Available at: [Accessed 6 Sep. 2017].