Most drawings in my sketchbooks relate to coursework. In this section are unrelated sketches alongside the results of a local art class and those sketches from a drop-in life drawing group that weren’t completed in Part Four. Also two short workshops taken just before the start of Drawing One.

August 2017


Gulls across the rooftops in Cornwall. Fascinated by the geometry of the rooftops punctuated by these extraordinary birds – all heavy white muscular chest giving way to dark grey and black wing tips. Tips which look insignificant when they are perched on a rooftop but then you see the entire wing unfold and take to the skies!








Interesting the way the white crayon works with the charcoal of the wing tips – the charcoal can’t sit well on it but this creates not a blur but almost the feeling of a flash – against light or in movement. Thinking about possible crops.

Version 3IMG_4299



Bill Brandt, ‘Early Morning on the River, London Bridge’, about 1935, 2. © Bill Brandt Archive Ltd via V&A

Thinking about gulls reminds me of a favourite photograph by Bill Brandt – the result of two negatives in one print and the addition of the sunrise later. There’s a real sense of the muscular force of the gull, its effortless glide against the blur of industry.


2 thoughts on “Sketchbook

  1. Kimbolina Post author

    Thank you! that’s really kind – would absolutely love to get back to those gulls but now back in France where, hang on, let me just check out the window – yes, pigeons, lots and lots of pigeons!



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