reflection on feedback: part five



My tutor’s feedback on part five begins with “…I believe you have finally made a breakthrough with your drawing”. And while it fills me with relief to read this, I think I  knew it myself. I almost didn’t need to be told. And surely that in itself is a sign that something has changed.

The feedback is positive, with pointers only towards artists to research and art theory to read.

There are reminders not to overthink future assignments and not to concentrate on one final outcome as this approach doesn’t work (for me).  And observation that my focus on drawing itself rather than the final piece has “enabled your drawing to become looser and evolve in a more ambitious way than we have previously seen in your other assignments”

Time is tight, and my plan was to ‘revisit’ Assignment Four, but it already feels like it was done by someone else. I’ve taken a look at it but it feels closed to me now so I’ve started afresh. I’ve started drawing and we’ll see what turns up! It’s about the journey after all, and not the destination.


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