gate-crashing the life class

I’ve got in to this over-subscribed life class more times than I’ve been turned away now, beginning to feel more adopted and less gate-crasher.

Two more sketches of the same pose as last week, from different angles.


A2, charcoal

I spent almost the entire time trying to get the slight twist and sag in the torso. The model’s weight was on her left hand and it was a struggle for her, she was moving about quite a bit. I’m still not convinced. I gave the leg and foot much less attention – not sure they are big enough – same old story – I did measure up but considering the leg is coming this way, it does look small.


Similar struggle here – the arm with weight on it. I hate to blame a fidgety model but it was really hard to get the position of arm against torso right. She was holding the pose for long periods on account of the oil painters in the room and it was clearly tough.

In hindsight I probably should have kept all my lines in place – from the different positions she took – it may have made for a more satisfying sketch than this with its tentative sausage of an arm.

2 thoughts on “gate-crashing the life class

  1. jen3972

    Ooh it’s so tough when they move! The top one is good as the angle from hand, buttocks and foot is spot on so she looks grounded and settled in the pose, and the weight distribution looks convincing to me…



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