very strict art class

What I had called my ‘back to basics’ art class is now getting more serious so it’s become my ‘very strict art class’.  I’m done with finding the axis of pears and drawing the outline of teapots. Today I did my last still life in pencil. Next week it’s landscape in charcoal, quite a leap but good timing for part three: expanse.


pencil HB, 2B and 6B on paper

This was a culmination of the past several weeks of study: axis, form, tone, texture. For the first time I went in to this with some confidence, got the composition down fairly quickly, worked quickly to create form. I struggled a little with the shell – getting the pattern and shine across on what is essentially a very dark, almost black object. The horizontal line of the table against the wall  isn’t right but I can fix that. Best of all I felt I knew what I was doing – progress!

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