drop in life class


pencil followed by white and black crayon on red paper.

25 minutes of which most was spent trying to get the lower leg and feet right. This is always my problem area (that and faces…and hands…) I let them tail off into nothing – this time I measured and measured and think they are in proportion. The next struggle will be to get them looking three-dimensional.


pencil then red and white crayon on grey paper

25 minutes again. I wasn’t thinking about time and I’ve run out – really evident under the thighs – I wish I had fixed the shadows here so she doesn’t look like she is hovering. I also avoided the right hand.


pencil then white pastel and black on grey paper

25 minutes and I ran out of time – the head and upper body are far from done – and I think the head needs to be a tad bigger. I also think the white pastel is a bit of a mistake. This looks like a woman turned to stone – though perhaps I can take some out now if the fixative wasn’t too strong. I’ve been too heavy handed with it especially on the hip and thigh which doesn’t help with the perspective.


The first ten minutes sketch, though the model continued to stand pretty much in place so I got more time to try and fix those lower legs and feet. I think I am beginning to see what needs to happen with the feet:

  • get them sized correctly – surprisingly long
  • get the angles that join the calf to foot down correctly – there is a certain width at this point and a couple of angles.
  • think of the bones that make them up
  • consider adding toes

6 thoughts on “drop in life class

  1. jen3972

    I’m called the Queen of Feet in my life class group as it’s usually a bit I’m quite good at!! Don’t ask me how 😉 I think these are lovely and I’ve learnt to not worry about being unfinished, and to note or circle the bit I feel went well if other parts are out of proportion or went wrong…


    1. Kimbolina Post author

      Queen of Feet! that is something to aim for. I can draw a disembodied foot, it’s just when I have to attach it to a body it all goes a bit wrong…a good idea to circle the bits that work, it can be hard to see anything but the mistakes sometimes.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. jen3972

        Yes, I have learned that attempting to be pleased with a whole drawing is futile! Sometimes I’m only pleased with a likeness or a few lines but it’s enough 🙂


  2. suemaryoakley

    I think the feet are really coming on well. And I actually love the white lady… She’s beautiful and full of potential – bathed in light! I think your classes are going splendidly. We’re still hurtling from pose to pose like mad things and frankly it’s all happening in a fog. Feet? I never get that far!


  3. Kimbolina Post author

    Thank you! It’s funny how other people see the potential – yes maybe I should make her my fallen woman turned to stone – plenty of myth to draw on there! Hurtling from pose to pose sounds great – I know I work better that way – as soon as someone tells me I have half an hour I totally freeze. And ah, the joy of feet and hands…



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