l’atelier indigo – work from the weekly art class I take locally


Just about had a breakdown over this piece. It’s done with gouache and a palette knife – absolutely no paintbrush allowed. There’s a great deal wrong with it, but I’ve learnt a lot along the way:

  • make sure perspective is right before you start painting – see metal bars
  • have a plan as regards the colours – maybe figure them all out in advance and have a palette (with notes) to refer to. I did this painting over many many weeks, and Christmas in between. I essentially mixed up new paints for each limb and it shows. I think if I’d had a plan with sample colours it would have disciplined me.
  • don’t forget to add a little water. Sometimes i got so engrossed, and even though I was struggling with the consistency of the paint, didn’t stop to think about how I might improve it…sounds idiotic, but true.
  • the technique of using the palette knife I’m sure will come wth practice. I think the number one thing I could have done to improve this is plan the colours. Next time.





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