part three: expanse project four: perspective

exercise three: aerial or atmospheric perspective


charcoal and white chalk on a pinky beige paper, 24 x 32cm

Freezing temperatures and very short days meant taking a photograph of this early morning and working from the photo in the evening.

I got half way through when I realised it was a bit of a cheat for this exercise – just in case I can’t get across the perspective through atmosphere I can clout the viewer over the head with the rows of vines disappearing off in to the distance.

That said I did focus really hard on getting the intense detail of the stone wall and straggly rosemary bushes in contrast to the barely there trees shrouded in a low creeping fog.

what I’ve learned:

  • this coloured paper has a honeycomb pattern to it which has helped with getting some texture in the foreground though I’m not sure its regularity helps with the vast expanse over the wall – the dots don’t change in size. My practice run was on smoother white  paper using a black watercolour wash:


  • even with such an obvious aid to perspective I didn’t quite get the line of vines correct on the right and had to go back in to fix them.


  • letting the colour of the paper come through for the vines has worked well – this whole scene was almost monotone, shades of grey – but the wall has ended up looking a bit as though I have used a black & white filter. The bushes are dark green in reality, maybe that is what causes the confusion – brown vines but black and white rosemary?


  • I’m happier with the left side of the distant vines – the barely there telegraph poles and trees just poking up through the fog.


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