part three: expanse, project four: perspective

*i’m working out of order so i can pick up the interior stuff when it’s too cold to sit about outside…

exercise one: parallel perspective – an interior view


I learnt a lot about perspective the hard way in part two , when I was doing the ‘at home’ work. I remember being delighted to find out that the panels in the doors hit a horizontal line around the middle and then above and below that followed an angle. I now realise that the horizontal line was in fact my eye line – embarrassingly obvious to me now.

I did OK on this – the only angles that were slightly out were on the bottom of the right hand doors. It was a little rushed and I see some of my verticals are wobbly. (After thought – now I look again there is a problem with the second set of doors – one is more closed than the other but this doesn’t come across. Too late now, but I’ll take a second look)

What I learned:

  • once I had officially employed the horizontal eye level, getting all the angles in place was super quick.
  • I had to take the horizontal line way off to the sides of the paper to be able to use it for all my horizontals
  • I didn’t have a rug to hand but put a yoga mat down in the hallway – at more than 6ft long it’s incredible how short it looks here.

(the window at the end looks a bit odd – I had blanked out the furniture in my mind and forgot that the bottom panels are actually wood – it does seem like the floor has met the window, or just dropped off into space.)

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