Drop-in life class December 2016

It took a bit of time getting used to drawing directly with brush and ink but I possibly enjoyed it more than any other medium I’ve used in life classes so far. Despite it’s dense blackness, add water and it can create the most delicate of shadows – very quickly.

Still very nervous about faces and still having issues with feet and hands when they are attached to limbs.

Specific problems:

  • getting proportions of head/neck/shoulders – this model always sat fairly slumped – I found it hard to describe the arm forward of the rounded shoulder
  • proportions of hands – I know they are roughly size of face – but I forget! Must find a way to suggest more of the hand in the short amount of time we get for each pose.
  • I added the barely there torso above, done in about 20 seconds, to remind myself that less is sometimes more – I am still going in with quite a consistently heavy line.






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