learning the basics

Each time I start a new exercise on this oca course I am haunted by the thought that most students on a degree pathway are getting hours of hands-on tuition every day. I’m not sure I can stumble through this course on my own, with just youtube for guidance. I’ve found myself a two-hour class which I think will help enormously, though probably not at the rate I need to help with the oca projects – we’ll see!

img_1945First lesson: how to hold a pencil, discover the axis of a natural object, draw it in proportion to another object, and find its contour. I’ve never drawn like this before. It is frustrating but enlightening. Foreshortening is suddenly a great deal easier to deal with.


Second lesson: using same techniques to draw man-made objects – and in ‘real size’ – which I found an odd idea to get my head around. I spent a while two hours drawing these two objects. While the time flew by there were moments that tested my stamina and patience. However there is a very clear sensation that I am exercising a specific part of my brain – so the hope is that as muscle gets used, so it will get stronger and soon I’ll be able to draw the perfect milk jug in a nanosecond!


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