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J’ai rêvé d’un autre monde (I dreamed of another world), Claude Leveque, light installation at the Collection Lambert in Avignon, France

I came across this description of mark making on Edward Burke’s online drawing tutorials. It expanded what I had previously thought about mark-making – which I see now was rather superficial.

“Each persons unique marks (doodles), gesture or signature are the foundation of a mark making language, that can become an individual language of expression of “self” in drawing and painting. It is important to explore and grow this vocabulary of makes constantly working to expand your language and add to it. As you begin this mark-making journey you will soon discover your core of makes, these are the ones you have had from childhood, the ones you see in doodles or signatures. These makes are innate, in muscle memory and should be embraced and expanded upon. This is your core, do not try to change it, or abandon it, only add to it so that eventually you will have a fully relished mark making language of your own that you can call upon when in the creative process. The larger your language the greater your ability to express yourself in a unique manner.

Understand that marks can be made in a verity of way and with a verity of medium, objects, computers, mechanical devices, tools, etc.”

Edward Burke – Direct Mark Making


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