drop-in life drawing class, october 2016

using biro and fine felt tip


We had 45 minutes for this and my timing was all off – I was done in 25 minutes and this being biro I couldn’t really fix all the things I then noticed had gone wrong. I tried using a white Posca but it just made a mess so had to leave things as they were.

Lesson: Don’t rush! Get everything down first before I start going in heavy with the shading.


5 minutes then model took a break before taking up position again to add shade.



1 minute with black biro, 1 minute for shading with blue. Out of the three I prefer this.

I remember after my last life class making a mental note not to go too heavy all over the form – but I clearly forgot this in the longer pose above. In this super quick sketch there simply wasn’t time, and the lightness of touch to the back gives an immediate sense of where the light was falling. The model was leaning on to a pole, which can barely be seen, but I don’t think it’s entirely needed.

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