reflection on feedback, assignment one


Super nervous opening my feedback, but ouf! as the French like to say. I am fired with enthusiasm rather than head in hands.

The key things I carried over from the Foundations course to work on were: investigation, experimentation and perseverance. I have to remind myself about experimentation – I think a lack of time, busy life and past career make me someone that just wants to ‘answer the brief’ as efficiently as possible. Thankfully the early projects in part one encouraged experimentation, and this recent feedback did note ‘a good deal of experimentation’. Phew. Investigation goes hand in hand with experimentation and perseverance is ultimately about managing my time.

From the feedback on this assignment one, the key things I take are:

  • get tidier! I handed in creased and smudgy sheets – yes I like to ‘answer the brief efficiently as possible’ but I also like to leave a trail of debris in my wake. Fix my charcoal, label sheets on reverse, make sure everything gets uploaded.
  • plan the drawings better with light pencil so they fit the space
  • avoid drawing outline of an object – investigate how the object meets the space
  • develop more experimental drawings before committing to the final – to get a better idea of how something may work (for example with my idea to block in random objects, which didn’t really work)
  • try out sketching white on black!




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