just thinking


Sometimes I come across things that I want to keep in my mind, and as my mind is a slippery bugger and likes to forget things in a nano second of hearing them, I’m going to put them here, under Research & Reflection, under the ‘just thinking’ banner.

This morning I started to read the introduction to Drawing Now, noticeable for its lack of drawings and its length! Some passages really moved me:

“(Drawing’s) position near the conception of ideas, and before the refinement of methods, means it can retain a freshness, an idiosyncrasy and a transcendence of historical postures. Drawing lends itself to the expression of its subject matter in a direct way, and allows a model of representation that maps the fragmented simultaneity of thought, accessing memory, visual fragment and intangible imagination. Unencumbered by more sophisticated or ‘finished’ processes, such as painting or more ‘advanced’ technological methods, drawing’s simplicity seems more able to demonstrate the complexity of conceptual possibilities It can be remarkably and peculiarly potent.”

“The realm that the drawings in this book explore is not so much the visible as the invisible.”

Downs, S and Staff, T. (2008) Drawing Now: Between the lines of contemporary art. Edited by Downs. London: I.B. Taurus.

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