reflection at end of part one

I look at the work I’ve done for Part One Drawing Skills and I’m pleased. When I began the Foundation Drawing this time last year I was really worried. I’d only ever doodled with a pencil or biro, and not done much of that. I’ve learnt so much over the past year – now when I pick up a pencil I don’t worry about getting a likeness – I’m thinking about negative space, tone, shadow, perspective, intrigue, drama. I’ve moved on from my trusty HB pencil and am beginning to feel at home with charcoal though I need to experiment with different papers as the charcoal isn’t behaving consistently and I’m not sure why.

Moving onwards through the course I want to find more time to experiment alongside the projects – with media, with marks, with ideas. I’ve been overwhelmed by sheer volume and depth of work required in the Visual Studies course which I’m doing alongside Drawing Skills. I need to plan my time better if I’m to get more time to work around the projects and experiment. If I can’t make that time I’ll need to extend the total time spent on the Visual Studies course.

Part Two introduces colour and oil pastels, leaving me anxious and excited in equal measure…

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