Life Drawing Class: July 2016

The theme of this one-off class was small to large – we started out sketching on a roll of paper no wider than a belt – the challenge of course to leave enough room for the feet.

Moving up a size – ten minutes per sketch. I seem to have a problem with feet. Though I love drawing feet in isolation, put them on a leg and I am lost. In general I think I am making them way too small.

More ten minute sketches. My shrinking foot problem seems to be extending up the entire lower leg.

Last series of sketches done with dry gouache. We then chose one sketch to enlarge to life size, using the back of a roll of wallpaper and working with a wash, dry gouache, charcoal and pen.

My frustrations with this exercise are numerous!

The problems:

We were working from a quick sketch which already had numerous issues – not enough shadow marked in, proportions inaccurate, no face and of course – no feet. As I worked the sketch up to the final size (around 6ft tall) the problems just became more and more obvious. The art teacher on hand let me sketch her feet, and consequently they’re about the only thing I’m almost happy with. The whole thing has become a bit weird and stylised. I’m not crazy about it, but I did learn from it.



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