Project two: basic shapes and fundamental form

exercise 3: creating shadow using lines and marks



Things I’m happy with:

  • the liveliness of the marks, though my preparatory sketches were more energetic
  • the cast shadow of the bowl
  • the drama of the pestle
  • the highlight around the cup’s handle

Things I’m not happy with:

  • the whole has become quite ‘smudgy’ – I would rather the marks were cleaner, clearer, that there was more light in between the marks, more space
  • the lip of the mortar (but I tell myself that wasn’t the point of the exercise)
  • the clumsiness of the shadow inside the bowl



These three practice sketches seem to have worked better – more energetic, a greater feeling of light and shadow. I was working in a different light which may have been a reason, but I suspect it’s more likely to be my default of tightening up when I want to do a more complete drawing. The way forward may be to try and kid myself everything is a practice run.

Boxes: first round of shadows using different lines and marks. I seemed to be falling into a trap of the same types of marks as I started this exercise and consequently got quite disheartened. Each time I started out with different lines but ended up with something not far off the previous. Even though the ink pen was erratic, or maybe because the ink pen was erratic, it’s the most interesting. That and the very small one that I did quickly to fill the space.



2 thoughts on “Project two: basic shapes and fundamental form

  1. susan514652

    Wow. No I haven’t seen your blog before. I think your work has a sense of strength, boldness and simplicity at the same time. I like it a lot. You must have done a lot of drawing before? I like all the drawings here, but particularly the mortar and pestle for the same reasons that you like it. It has come alive with all the different mark making. I am just learning about mark making with a pencil. It has much to offer doesn’t it!


    1. Kimbolina Post author

      I did the Foundation Drawing with oca before this but otherwise no, I’m a beginner, though taking lessons with a very strict classical teacher here in France. I noticed the marks you made on your paper before drawing – they add so much – it lets the viewer in to the process and it more intimate somehow. I came across a lovely passage on mark marking (it’s somewhere on this blog), not sure if I can link here but try this:



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