part one: form and gesture

project two: basic shapes and fundamental form

exercise one: groups of objects

To be frank I really wasn’t clear what this exercise expected of me – I even consulted the course support team It seemed to be asking a lot of different things and then the accompanying illustration seemed to suggest something altogether different.

“…loosly describe …don’t forget weight, transparency shine….spaces, writing on labels…imagine you can see through the forms to the spaces inside…evoke expression in the remarks you make and in the relationships you create inside and around the edges of the forms and the picture plane…”

This was too much for me to think about at one time so I forgot about weight, transparency, shine and labels and focused on the rest. I’m hoping that as I go through this course knowing how to get them all across in one drawing will become second nature.


I had used ink and a chopstick for the first time in the previous exercise, and so enjoyed it that I started out with it here – then eager to get across the boldness of the forms I blocked them in with charcoal. I tried to add more line after with the chopstick but it just scraped away the charcoal. Ditto with a pen, so I went with a brush. I didn’t purposefully crop the picture like this – I just didn’t measure it out well – though I like to think jug with its head disappearing into the clouds adds a little intrigue.


Finished, I felt that even with my simpler focus I had swayed from the exercise. So the second drawing is more about line and shape, adding in the less regular forms of cloth bag and lemons. I couldn’t help but add the very deepest shadows – to render the bag understandable.


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