project two: basic shapes and fundamental form

exercise two: observing shadow using blocks of tone


This was set up outside facing north in the morning, the sun was edging around the side and I felt the pressure to capture the light before everything changed.

Stuff I’m happy with:

  • the contrast of light on the left of the jug against the cup
  • the light shining out from behind the right of the vase
  • the general shadows at the back



Stuff I’m not so happy about:

  • these items don’t look white
  • the objects are darker and more dramatic than I had wanted, I haven’t captured one of the feel of white against white




I wanted to have a second go, to try and capture something of the whiteness and brightness, to create something more delicate:

IMG_1221This was also set up in the morning, but on a white shelf against a white wall with the natural light pretty much behind me.

There is plenty I’m not happy with, and finally I prefer the first attempt.

  • the whole is messy and hard to understand what’s happening in terms of light and shadow – now I look at the photograph on the screen it’s easy to see that it’s all gone a bit wrong in terms of overall light and dark. The cup needs to be brighter, for one.IMG_1216
  • the shadow behind the vase is very confusing – I think I may go back and see if I can soften it, though I’ve already used fixative
  • the highlights on the handle are too extreme – this whole area was more in shadow
  • the intense shadow of the cup on the vase looks too extreme
  • the reflection of the vase back in the cup isn’t clear enough
  • I used paper that had creases in it. I should have tried to iron them out first – the charcoal has sat in them.

I’m trying to find something that I’m happy with but I’m struggling. The whole is quite lively, maybe?






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